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Planning Ahead
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By planning for the inevitable, you allow yourself to choose the options you want, not someone else; allows you to select affordable payment plans; select your own resting place; all this plus it protects you against inflation.
Count on us when your family's in need.
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God's Little Flower ( has been a trusted partner of St. Thérèse Columbarium for many years in serving families in their time of need. Our agents do everything we can to professionally handle all the necessary work on our end and remove as much stress from the process as possible.
Columbarium costs have and will continue to rise.
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Planning ahead allows you to lock in today’s prices and spares your loved ones the financial burden of paying in full at the time of need and sparing them from having to make difficult decisions during a period of stress and grief.
No Maintenance • Zero Interest
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In order to safeguard your family from additional emotional stress, you should consider planning ahead. And with the pandemic, the costs of everything are increasingly great but you can lessen the financial burden by buying a Columbarium vault at today’s prices.

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