part-time job with full-time income!

We would be happy to have you as an agent at St. Thérèse Columbarium and become part of God’s Little Flower team, you can get part-time job with full-time income! Through our Business Opportunity and Career Program or BOCP, you can start the work right away. The two-hour training program will give you basic knowledge about St. Thérèse Columbarium, the product we offer to our clients, how you can earn and gain incentives— and so much more! 

No recruitment fee

No membership fee

No validation exam

No quota

All you have to do is attend to become one of our Account Management Officers (AMO). Plus, you can avail vaults and be a vault owner at a very affordable price.

Other Incentives to Start your Career with
God's Little Flower

Seller's Profile Form


3 Easy Steps to Earn P30,000.00 or More every Month


Attend the Business Opportunity and Career Presentation (BOCP)


Avail of the Special Vault Availment Plan (SVAP)


Finally, start selling to earn P40,000 or more every month!