Columbarium as an Investment

First of all, what is this “columbarium?”

While many of you may not yet know, columbariums are storage facilities containing vaults. What do these vaults contain? Well, all vaults contain something valuable. In this case, the vaults contain the cremated remains of your loved ones. The most trusted columbarium, the first repository for the remains of friends and family, is the Therese Columbarium, which is home to over 36,000 vaults.


The St. Therese Columbarium

Among major pioneers of columbarium industry in the Philippines, the St. Therese Columbarium is considered the most trusted brand, the columbarium of choice, so to say. The columbarium is a more practical and beneficial alternative to traditional graves and crypts, because of it’s numerous advantages which provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind.


The Columbarium is a Long-Term Investment

Active Community. When you buy a vault in St. Therese Columbarium, you not only buy a piece of property, you also enter a community of those who have made the same decision. The community of vault owners, participating in special occasions that are family-oriented such as Mother’s/Father’s Day and Catholic rites.

Value Appreciates. St. Therese Columbarium is a smart investment; because there are only a limited number of vaults, over time, the value of each vault will increase. Think of it as how the value of land or houses increase. Like these, the columbarium is real estate. Should you choose to buy one, it will serve as a sound and secure business investment.

No Maintenance Fee. St. Therese Columbarium is maintenance free-of-charge. It has established a trust fund which ensures that clients will no longer pay any additional fees for the maintenance of the vault in perpetuity.

Safe & Secured. Unlike cemeteries who have people squatting and sleeping on your grave, or worse, grave robbers digging up niches looking for valuable accessories, a columbarium vault has none of those. St. Therese Columbarium has 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras, on-duty guard and a security access system in order to ensure the safety of its clients and the property itself.

Location-wise. St. Therese Columbarium is located across NAIA Terminal 3; almost enclaved by luxurious real estate community of Newport City, and Resorts World Complex. The place is location wise.


All that said, what are you waiting for? You know everything you need to know, take this opportunity as a unique investment. Get in touch with God’s Little Flower, your trusted agents in St. Therese Columbarium, please call or text: Annie Lirio (09178534055) or Yolly Villaver 09175789800), to learn more about us, check out our website or visit our Facebook page:


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