Garden Area Promo

In the heart of Pasay City stands the St. Therese Columbarium with its excellent features and amenities; the Columbarium reminds us always of God’s everlasting mercy for us and those whom we love.

This month of OCTOBER 2018, we are offering a special PROMO on our GARDEN AREA:

■ 50% OFF + 20% additional discount on CASH Basis for as low as P37,744.82

■ 50% OFF + 15% additional discount if 1yr to pay WITH DOWNPAYMENT

■ 50% OFF + 5% additional discount if 3yrs to pay WITH DOWNPAYMENT for as low as P996.04 as MONTHLY AMORTIZATION

■ 30% OFF applicable only on MONTHLY AMORTIZATION for as low as P1,834.82 for 3yrs to pay without downpayment

There’s no need to leave the burden of final arrangements to others, when you can handle it all now. Take advantage of our existing promo!

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