Bendita & Undas at St. Therese Columbarium

Undas, as Filipinos call it covers both November 1 and 2 which is All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively, although both days are spent remembering the souls of the dead rather than the saints; which has become a significant part of the Philippine culture.

Truly, a unique way of spending this religious holiday, thousands of Filipinos will endure such a taxing event, from preparations to practice, but also a great opportunity to gather the family with the thought of their ancestors are happily looking at all their descendants in camaraderie. .

We at the St. Therese Columbarium deeply care about Undas and the remembrance of individuals whose families have come together on this special day, which is why we offer a more solemn, prayerful one, safe and secured, away from threat of vandalism, noise disturbance, illicit stuff and obstructions that will turn you off from reminiscing memories with your departed loved ones. Also, as part of our annual observance of Undas at the St. Therese Columbarium is the BENDITA NI STA. TERESITA, wherein masses and special blessings will be offered for those who are inurned at the Columbarium.

St. Therese Columbarium values its community like no other columbarium, celebrations that are done out of love and family. A dignified experience that your Columbarium of choice will always be firsthand to provide and together we remember the dead and celebrate time with the living in great solemnity.

If you are planning or prodding about transferring, choose St. Therese Columbarium; our dedicated staffs and agents especially from God’s Little Flower are always at pleasure to assist.

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