Grandparents Grow Us With Love

Grandparents Grow Us With Love, That’s Why We Walk With Love

We have this attitude of not wanting to get old. Afraid of losing youthfulness; physical appearance change, energy, as aged people slowly loses those abilities that requires physical strength. Senses decreased its power. To think that our grandparents becoming more needy.

But no. There’s always a great difference having grandparents nearby as they always source of great social worth.

Grandparents represent the roots of the family. As they always holds their stories, those family stories. From point of their love stories and how they built their lovely family.

Their journey, experiences. All lines around their faces were validation of the milestones. It possesses greatness, their values and it should be celebrated. That they leap and surpass all the hurdles and storms cone to their way.

Indeed, those who grew up with grandparents still have scents and memories of that time in their eyes.

For example all the family rituals, such as family dinner, holidays and bed time stories of our grandparents.

Maybe the great reason why our grandparents parents became slow as they aged, so that they could cherish their time with family. Observe and laugh on things that they do in their younger aged.

No rush, no hurry, as if they were already fulfilled of their life and happy. One of the greatest moment for our grandparents is when they see their family growing through their love and carrying their advices, hopes and love. They all hope that one day their beautiful stories will be remembered.

Because it is said that grandparents are able to transmit great emotional security to their children and have positive impact an all aspect of their lives.

Being aged is the time to look back with the past. To validate if they spend their lives worthy.

If we reflect to those days we are with our grandparents we could hear their emotion. We could hear nothing but encouragement and love. For us young people thinking our pains were beyond understanding, to our failures that aren’t need to be said but our grandparents understand, and still embrace us no matter what. Specially our heartbreaks that no one could understand except grandparents.

Aged people never lose their beauty. Being beautiful has nothing to do with looks. It has everything to do with how you are as a person and how you make other feel about themselves.

Let’s always be thankful for our grandparents who carry us with love, so that we will walk by love.

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